Why have a designer working for your restaurant?


Because we capitalize your ideas.


We capture on paper what you have in your head, we transform your ideas into tangible concepts, analyze your needs to you reach your audience, and your positions in the market.

More than in other sectors, the culinary is constantly changing and evolving. Whether due to the temporary nature of the food or the techniques to keep and search new customers.

It is proven that no matter how good your kitchen is, if you do not show you to the world, the world do not know you… And with the amount of effort, time and money that this market needs, when you do not see results it is frustrating and it does you do not give the best of yourself.


That's why I offer you these different plans, options that I can also adapt exclusively to your business, so will be able to you increase your sales right now and take out all the possible benefits of each part of the potato!



· Menu creation

· Visuals and Flyers for culinary events

· Gastronomic content for RRSS

· Thematic weeks

· Branding and Re-Branding



Hourly Pricing

· 1H - 65 CHF

· 3H - 170 CHF (Save 15 CHF)

· 6H - 360 CHF (Save 30 CHF)

Monthly Pricing

· 1200 CHF / Month

Why this one?

1.- Increase efficiency

2.- Decreases bad management time

3.- Direct, fluid and constant contact


Project Pricing

(Best choice TO START)

(Prices based on HOURLY Pricing)

Depending on the project.

Consultation by calling or sending us an email.