Why pricing?

I am a worker, one hard, only know how to do that, but I do it well. 
I just know add value, wherever I go, in all what  I do. 
That is why i want the people add value to me as well.
When you find what you love to do, when you bump into your dreams, you never work again. You just enjoy the most every moment.

I am passionate about gastronomy and a dreamy artist.


Hourly pricing

It can be interesting especially for photography and video events or for campaigns on social networks where there are deadlines.

Whether the work is carried out in situ or by my own in the studio, the hours are accurately counted and the efficiency is exquisite, plus you will always earn a few minutes or even hours for free.


Monthly pricing

Is the one that provides the most value, the cheapest in long-term and the most motivating for both parties since there is constant follow-up, side by side work, where there are no budgets to approve, no waste time and no limitation hours on the same project.

There is a 3 month-contract-term, but for the simple fact, assuring by both parties that the work has a continuity. It is not logical that in a month all the graphic image that may be needed for the whole year is in charge.

You can pay the bill in three times if you wish, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the month. If after those three months you are not pleased with the service, the contract would end for both parties.

Of course, if the situation requires and for any reason we do not reach an understanding, of course you will be able to cancel the contract any time, we are not a mobile phone company.

project pricing

This pricing can be interesting for entire campaigns, branding or re-branding, creation of menus, visuals and flyers, shooting of a specific number of images, events that can last several days, etc.

Each project is a different one, for that reason the pricing reflected on the site is the basis for a standard project.